Curated by artist Tomo Campbell - whose work also appears in the show - ‘Glimpse’ features the paintings of Shaun Mcdowell, Sue Kennington, Arthur Lanyon, Timur Lukas, and Ralph Hunter-Menzies. Viewers are invited to gaze into the artists’ inner sanctum to discover the methods and concepts behind each piece of work. Whether through the layers of colour in the semitransparent brush work of Shaun Mcdowell, or the delicately poised balance found in Sue Kennington’s geometric yet somehow organic compositions, ‘Glimpse’ presents the notes, the workings out, everything that it takes to get to the finished painting. The works here are honest, open, relaxed, optimistic and fragile all at once. They contain more than just one thought, they contain a confusion of ideas, which hopefully act to create a more real, more honest, and hopefully more exciting viewing experience.