TERRAIN - Jack Whitefield

‘TERRAIN’ is the first solo show from Jack Whitefield, a British-born photographer raised in St Ives, Cornwall. Inspired by The New Topographics, one cannot help but consider Whitefield an outsider to his subject matter.

Captured over the duration of a week spent travelling from LA to East Arizona, and back again, ‘TERRAIN’ presents a prophetic vision of an American dream gone wrong. Lush images revealing nature relinquishing control are juxtaposed with post-apocalyptic semblances of human life; broken down cars, multiplying trash piles, abandoned and disintegrating houses. The show also features a window piece made from perforated Micro Vision vinyl which occupies the front windows of the gallery. From a distance the image appears to be opaque, but as the viewer gets closer it becomes semi-transparent. As night falls the image slowly disappears, mimicking the remote desert landscape as day turns to night.

Working with 20/220mm Fuji Gf670 and 35mm Contax cameras, Whitefield prints everything by hand from his darkroom in Cornwall. As an accomplished printer and self-publisher, all books and show catalogues in the collection were handmade by the artist using a Risograph printer combined with various hand binding techniques. Accompanying the show are a limited edition run of 100 handmade risograph printed catalogues titled ‘TERRAIN’, 42 pages are bound with engraved metal clasps and housed in an enamel silkscreened sleeve.