Elliot Fox 'Scratching A Different Itch'

‘Scratching A Different Itch’ 

6th October - 22nd October, 2017

Elliot Fox’s ‘Scratching A Different Itch’ explores the tangible elements of male English youth. Incorporating a host of concrete and steel works alongside a series of vividly scrawled paintings, Fox embraces both the robust and the radiant elements of young adulthood in equal measure.

The first solo show from the Camberwell graduate sees the 25-year-old artist dip into the subconsciousness of masculinity, with the show featuring brightly squiggled numerals, symbols and keys amidst verdant pastel palettes and tactile mixed media. The motifs behind the exhibition are a product of their own environment in the industrial heartland of South Bermondsey, reflecting the setting in which the ideas for the work were originally conceived.

The large format canvases feature deliberate pixilation as a nod towards Fox’s merging of digital and analogue landscapes, seen throughout his work to date. The bold iconography appears loose and stripped back on surface level, with the works containing an underlying, everyday aesthetic throughout.