Over Under Around and Through 


Over Under Around and Through.

18th August - 10th September

Golborne Gallery is please to present an exhibition of new works by Graham Sayle, Tegerin Roberts and Graham Moulding.

Over, Under, Around and Through is an exploration into a prescribed environment and the architecture of defence. Through the re-appropriation of objects designed against human interaction, power is displaced and gifted to the viewer.

The objects are removed from context highlighting their individual qualities and nuances. Sayle’s works act as almost demonstrative educational aids in the same way as the show’s namesake does (Grover singing about these prepositions on Sesame St). They open the possibility of circumventing defensive structure with everyday objects such as a carpet or car jack, yet sculpturally remain deeply rooted in the language of the industrial through their materiality.

Roberts’ and Moulding’s work explores finding a creative outlet whilst incarcerated. The painting is an ode to their shared cell ceiling whilst serving a 2 year sentence for criminal damage. Made withonly a smuggled HMP lighter, the work was completed whilst on house arrest.

“The first person who wanted a piece of nature as his or her own exclusive possession and transformed it into the transcendent form of private property was the one who invented evil. Good, on the contrary, is what is common.”

Antonio Negri.