This all Makes TOTAL sense - Jess Littlewood


Golborne Gallery is proud to present Jess Littlewood's first solo show at the Gallery.

"This all Makes TOTAL sense” brings together a new body of work that continues Jess Littlewood’s ongoing investigation into what it means to be human. The title of the exhibition alludes to this quest, with the ironic title expressing a collective bafflement at where the world currently finds itself.

These works straddle time, they fluctuate between the past and the future and they end up in the ‘right now’.

Littlewood’s work explores our challenges and triumphs, our flaws and obsessions, using found material from the never ending source of Google images to produce works that appear at once, familiar and strange. It’s our world but it’s not, it’s us but not as we may know ourselves, or want to see ourselves.

These elaborate and detailed works almost appear sacred, they have a strong mystic allure that makes the work feel as though it’s not intended for us, they appear alien but yet they are strangely grounded in reality. The artist uses what she refers to as ‘human objects to try and reveal truths, and as 'stand-ins for our frail physical forms'

Littlewood doesn't shy away from confusions or contradictions, instead they work in unison to inform a practice, like a lot of great artist before, that seeks to ask questions rather than to provide answers.